the Festival LuganoTango has been postponed to year


the Festival LuganoTango

a Big Small Festival!
First as leaders of LuganoTango, than as founders of La Casa del Tango, Moreno Orsatti and Manuela Stucki have been organizing events related to Tango and Argentine culture for a long time. In 2004 in addition to tango classes, milongas and practices, stages with some of the greates Maestros, concerts, dances with live music and other events such as exhibitions, tours in Argentina, etc…, it was decided to do even more. The natural result of intensive work untill this moment was the 1st Festival LuganoTango.

musicalizador y orquestas

Marcelo Rojas

A great Argentine musicalizador with a more-than-20-years experience as a Tango DJ a lot appreciated by tangueros of our Festival.
He is currently working as DJ for: the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the official radio station of Tango in Buenos Aires "La 2×4", Radio de Tangos and for the Confiteria Ideal. He is organizer and DJ of the milonga TangoIdeal.

He plays music in the major milongas of Buenos Aires, called by the great maestros when organizing events.

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