For submissions, please, write us your data and the code of the package or the codes of the classes you would like to buy at:

VIP * Seminar + 2 milongas + Practica + "Spaghettata" + Closing dinner 360 CHF
Star * 5 classes + 2 milongas + Practica + "Spaghettata" + Closing dinner 255 CHF
A Seminar + Gala Milonga 280 CHF
B 8 classes + Gala Milonga 260 CHF
S Seminar 260 CHF
Classes beside the seminar 25 CHF / class
1 class 35 CHF / class
From 3 classes 30 CHF / class
M1 Opening Milonga with Performance 25 CHF
M3 Gala Milonga with Performance 35 CHF
TM 2 milongas 55 CHF
E1 Local Beers tasting coming soon
E2 "Spaghettata" 15 CHF
E2 Practica 15 CHF
E4 Clase creativa con todos los Maestros 35 CHF
E5 Closing dinner 30 CHF

For members of “La Casa del Tango”

Members of La Casa del Tango that will buy these packages will receive a 30 CHF vaucher to be used untill the next Festival with a package of 8 classes.
*Only for VIP and Star packages

Groups discount

For groups starting from 4 couples. 10% Discount.
The responsible must contact us via email with the name of the participants and the choosen classes. He is responsible to collect the payment from the groups members.
For the group responsible further 10% discount.